JOB OPPORTUNITY(S): Shipping manager , Truck Driver, Material Handler. Contact Us for more information.
We now stock more options for your Rustic Lumber needs: ALDER- 4/4 Rustic, CHERRY- 4/4 Rustic, HICKORY- 4/4 Rustic, HARD MAPLE- 4/4 Rustic, SOFT MAPLE- 4/4 Ambrosia/Wormy, WHITE OAK-4/4x6",8",10"wdr. Rustic... Contact Us for details!
About Us
The focus at Sweetwater Lumber Company, since our inception in 1984, has been and will continue to be customer service. Our goal is to stock the finest quality hardwood and softwood lumber products as well as promote a healthier environment for our natural resources to thrive. We are a wholesale distributor of architectural grades of hardwood and softwood lumber and plywood products. Enjoy your visit to our website.

Thank you for your interest in Sweetwater Lumber & Land Company.
Location: We are located in Austell, Georgia. This location allows us to make daily deliveries to the Atlanta area and weekly deliveries to the surrounding states (Alabama, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee). Contact us to get your orders delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Time: Our B-26 planner will knock off the rough and let you get to more important task, production. We understand that every step we can take out of your busy schedule, the more time you can put into molding, finishing, and installation. Contact us to help get more out of your business.

Yield: As a wood products distributor we strive to minimize waste by utilizing the most recent technology to help our customers know their bottom line. Our multiple rip optimizing system enables us to do just that. Contact us to get the most out of your materials.
  • S2S-Surface 2 Sides
  • R1E-Rip 1 Edge
  • R2E-Rip 2 Edges (Paralell Rip)
  • Rip to specified Width
  • Width and Length sorting
  • Color Sorting
  • Delivery service
Retail: We are a wholesale distributor but do offer a modest retail store but would ask that you call to make sure we have what you need inside the store. Store hours: M-F 8am to 4:30pm. (Check out the Contact Page for directions)

Pick-ups: We offer a pick-up order service but do ask to call and give 24 hours for order processing.